My Priorities For Oklahoma County


Ensuring our County roads and bridges are safe to drive on should be the first priority for any County Commissioner. As your Commissioner I will work with highway maintenance offices to improve the highway conditions throughout the County. I will also work to repair potholes & bridges, expand access to high-speed internet, and fight for more transportation options in the rural areas of District 3.


As the Director of Support Services at the Homeless Alliance, I know the first step to tackling our homelessness crisis is to ensure we are providing affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness. As Commissioner, I will work with the County Department of Social Services as well as local municipalities to create and expand programs that provide affordable housing solutions for our homeless population.

Mental Health

Simply put, incarceration isn’t a solution to those suffering from substance abuse or seeking mental health treatment. While our County has made strides in these areas over the past several years, we can do more. As Commissioner, I will fight to improve & expand our current addiction & mental health services, so we aren’t continuing to fill our jail with those who need treatment.


It’s clear our County officials do not hold themselves to a high standard of accountability and transparency. In a rushed voting process of less than 2 minutes, our County officials decided to direct $34 million out of the $47 million in CARES funding for COVID-19 relief towards the County Jail. As Commissioner, I won’t just hold myself accountable to the level of accountability and transparency the residents of District 3 deserve, but move to reinstate the 3-minute precedent for public comments during Commissioner meetings. On top of this, I will be committed to ensuring our County Government increases the level of transparency surrounding the spending of our tax dollars. 

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